Smart City Solution

A single intelligent platform for the entire utility management and smart city life:
OpSys is committed to provide the single and integrated utility management system for the smart cities across the globe. Opsys along with its partner provides the best of suit of hardware and software applications to meet the growing need for Power, Water & Gas operation management for utilities.
OpSys provides the integration of power, water and gas distribution through IOT and enables the artificial intelligence which helps the operator to take the smarter and optimized decision both at local station and command center level. OpSys also enable the different sources of information and integrate at command control center to be utilized for various business analytics and intelligence.

OpSys as your smart City Partner:

  • Smart consulting Support
  • Pre Bid Engineering and design assistance
  • Singular solution for entire Utility Management, surveillance and ICT solution
  • Strong technology Partners
  • Brings global experience and expertise and blend for local cities
  • One stop integrated solution
  • Strong domain knowledge
  • In house web developments for integration
  • Long term service support
  • High analytical solution



Utility Management Smart Power Smart Water Smart Energy ICT
Command Control Center KPI, Situational Awareness and Artificial Intelligence, Reporting, Planning & Future Expansion
Control Room Layer          SCADA, DMS, OMS GIS,        Smart Grid SCADA, Leak Detection System,GIS, Smart Water Distribution SCADA, Leak Detection System,GIS, Smart Gas Distribution Data Centre, IT HUB,Firewall, Cyber Security
Local Control Layer Substation Automation,EWS, OWS, IPCS, 61850 Field Automation,Local Monitoring & Control Field Automation,Local Monitoring & Control Antivirus,Local Security
Communication Layer Networking, GPRS, M2M Networking, GPRS, M2M Networking, F-Bus Networking, Switches
Field Layer PLC, RTU, FRTU,Meter, Protection PLC, RTU, R-I/O,Instrumentation PLC, DCS, R-I/O PAGA, Server, PC, UPS,CCTV, Camera

Total IT Solution

We also provides total IT solutions to build and manage your IT infrastructure needs. Either you required new setup or want to upgrade the existing IT setup, we provide the right solutions. We support SMB to Enterprises establish full network including Structured Cabling Solutions, Network and Wireless Solutions from L2 network to Core solutions and Cloud Solutions. Also we have good experience over the security system platform, where we provide the solutions of CCTV and Access control.> Data Center installation or upgrade

Data Center managed services continue
to be core and key  strategies  for IT.> Servers installation and management

Your server is the heart of your network, its crucial to build it with the right hardware and software.> Networking & Switches

We help to provide the best solution for networking and switches.> Security Surveillance System

Also we have good experience over the security system platform, where we provide the solutions of CCTV and Access control.> Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

A cloud-integrated solution for protecting physical and virtual environments that includes software, appliance, and offsite replication> IT Security Implementation & Management

Security management deals with how system integrity is maintained amid man-made threats and risks, intentional or unintentional.