OpSys brings very experienced global partners and rich product lines which  enables designers, engineers and managers to conceptualize the entire renewable operation from roof top solar to wind farm. From conceptualize design to operation OpSys brings value at each level.

OpSys selects the products which will be useful for architects, engineer, and researchers. The solution of OpSys ranges are as follows:

Engineering & Design

  • Power System Analysis
  • Integrated AC & DC
  • Equipment Sizing
  • PV Module
  • WTG Module
  • Interconnection Studies
  • Project Management
  • Shadding calculations

Automation & Construction

  • SCADA System
  • Dedicated PC/WTG farm HMI
  • Generation Management System
  • Wind Turbine Performance Monitoring
  • Solar Panel & Inverter Performance Monitoring
  • Prediction of System Response to Operator Action
  • Real Time Snap Shot of Plant Ststus (Less than 1 second latency)
  • Supervision and Plant Operation (alarms)
  • In-plant preventive and corrective maintenance tool
  • Dashboard for easy visualizatin of data and communiction with devices
  • Data Acquistion Controllers

OpSys puts you in control of your renewable energy generation in order to maximize output and improve efficiency