Metal, Mining, Cement,Steel

With the growing demand of metal, mining and cement industry, OpSys brings very rich experience of implementing various reliable and robust electrical and automation solutions. Our Solutions include various ranges of high performing energy management system, control system and electrical analytics.

The processing facility can be large and expansive with many critical areas where a single down-time proportionate to the revenue of the company. Thus OpSys is very sensitive of keeping the critical process operational and shed non-critical loads. Along with OpSys global partners it brings significant energy savings to the industry.

OpSys is also aligned to work on the industry and utility power sharing to enable the neighboring rural and urban areas for enriching lives.

OpSys provides very strong electrical & Automation Solution to these industries:

  • Power Management System
  • Load Shedding System
  • Generation Management System
  • System Analysis
  • SCADA System
  • PLC & Controllers for line productions