FMCG manufacturing industries are the high economy generating sectors. OpSys along with innovative start up organization work with the singular objective of make in India pledge to support and automate these industries and provide gamut of for manufacturing process management. OpSys provides along with its partner Unipik (OEM) which only deals in Pick-n-Place systems for various applications in End of Line packaging. We are s focused and determined to provide great value to its customers with the help of solutions which enhance their Line efficiency and productivity.

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  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • Industrial Automation
  • Real-time Situational Intelligence
  • Line Automation
  • Robotics

OpSys brings very unique value proposition to the above industries as:

  • Negligible dependency on manpower
  • Easy to clean and robust design
  • Smooth Handling
  • Open and Modular design
  • Minimum downtime and change over management
  • Line efficiency and performance enhancement
  • Customized as per industry need