OpSysOpSys provides the most suited Electrical and Automation solution to the business’s specific needs at optimized techno-commercial approach. Hence OpSys’s engagement in a project begins at the conceptual design and inception phase. Our expertise covers:

  • System Modelling and Development

OpSys has consistently recognized the development and use of power & Automation modelling tools as a key for success and implementation of optimal solutions that fits customer’s expectation and business requirements.

After the conception co-design phase OpSys enters the detailed engineering phase during which engineering studies which may include, according to the type of project:

• Performing the Power & Automation Studies
• Understanding the Business process
• Finding Key Challenges and it’s mitigation
• Evaluation of existing Automation & Telecom Infra
• Evaluation of Power Source and Distribution
• Finalizing the system Architecture and selection of best Product
• Review and Management of vendor drawings.

OpSys specializes in providing the below consulting & Analytical studies:

Electrical Consulting

1. Power System Studies

     a. Low Flow

      b. Short Circuit

      c. Relay Coordination

      d. Harmonic

      e. Arc Flash

     f. Dynamic Analysis

     g. Electromagnetic Studies.

      2. GIS based power modeling
      3. T&D System Studies
      4. Loss calculation
      5. System Design and Engineering
      6. Ground Studies


1. SCADA Designing

2. Power System Automation Designing

3. Load Management System

4. Distribution Management System

5. Renewable SCADA

6. Energy Management System

7. Integration Strategy

8. Technology Pre-study

9. Hardware Evaluation

10. Protocol improvement & connectivity

11. Monitoring & Control System Design